Imagine walking into an average Halloween party: You look around and see the costumes that you seem to see every year. There’s slutty versions of all kinds of animals (I’m a mouse, duh), brehs dressed as buff superheroes, couples outfits that make you want to hurl into a jack o’lantern, and there’s probably that guy wearing his Walter White costume from last year (and the year before).  And there’s also two people who bought the same exact outfit, both trying to pretend that the other isn’t there.

How can you stand out at Halloween among all the store bought and duplicate costumes? If you want the whole party to stop and look in awe at your dope costume, you’re going to have to go DIY and craft something amazing.

Making your own costume is one of the few ways to guarantee you have an original and creative outfit. There’s lots of bland and terrible costumes you can buy out there, but why cheap out and be lazy if you can step it up with ease? It would be better to cut a few holes in a sheet of yours and call yourself a ghost than get caught wearing the same last-minute costume as someone else.

Great costumes help you make friends or make people laugh or cower in fear, and if you work hard enough you can really trip some people out. Who knows, you might even end up on a promoters Facebook or website if your costume is good enough! Remember, nobody gets their picture taken wearing a half assed costume.

These 14 costumes are not only unique and can be made at home, but they are also perfect for raving in. If you’re going to an event like Escape Psycho Circus or other costumed events this Halloween, you should be thinking of a sweet outfit that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Scroll down to look at these DIY costumes, and if you’re feeling creative you can click the blue links for directions for each costume. These costumes range from easy (the hats) to very detailed and difficult (full light up Daft Punk helmet). Make this the Halloween you step up your costume game!

Finn from Adventure Time 

finn cosplay

All you need a blue tee shirt and a Jake backpack! Bonus points if you can rattle off Finn quotes while running around.

Smurf Hatsmurf costume

Does not come with blue paint and ruined childhood memories.

Hello Kitty Head

hello kitty costume

For when you want to really be Desu, or getting mobbed by squealing Japanese middle-schoolers.

Boba Fett Helmets

star wars helmets

Perfect for cosplaying the shit out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Disclaimer: people will challenge you to light saber battles.

Link Costume

link costume

It wasn’t supposed to be a sexy costume but, as always, it turned into one.

Daft Punk Helmet (Thomas)

Daft Punk DeLorean Shoot

Turn up to the party looking the legendary French house duo and politely demand to get behind the decks. This mask in particular has crazy electronics built in.

Daft Punk Helmet (Guy-Manuel)

daft pubk guy costume

The partner in crime.

“Planet Fascinator” 

planet head

It look like that ride that makes us vomit at the fair.

Fiber Optic Wings


Perfect for tripping people out as you stagger home late at night.

Black Light Flower Crown

flower crown

Recycle this one for EDC!

Majora’s Mask

majoras mask

It’ll scare a few people, and a few people will geek out over it.

Disco Ball Deadmau5 Head

Disco mau5

This one will always be a crowd pleaser, but to go full authentic you have to constantly trolling DJs on Twitter.

And a few that don’t really need directions:

Death Stardeath belly

When approaching the Death Star, Luke Skywalker said “I have a very bad feeling about this”. But we have a very good feeling about this costume.

Naked Sim


Our Sims ended up just like our tamagotchi and sea monkeys: dead.