As we realize that festival season is finally here, we’re starting to realize that we don’t have any of our festival outfits planned! But we don’t want to go with a getup that everybody always has, like Waldo or some variation on a fuzzy unicorn costume.

Just like you, your rave outfit should be unique. Don’t settle for some neon shirt you bought at Target, this season is the time to step up your outfit game! A great place to look for sweet outfit ideas and inspiration is Etsy, where mom and pop shops make one of a kind items.

These are some of the best places on Etsy to find your next festival outfit, and they have tons of stuff like shirts, tutus, rave bras, wings, and even light toys. Check them out below so you can stand out in the crowd!

Illuminated Couture

Your Mind Your World

Lipgloss Clubwear

Pasties Paradise

Planet PLUR









[Via Insomniac]