When your day-to-day consists of running around from the gym to the studio to the club to the airport and back again, you need a solid pair of kicks to keep your feet in good condition. And no one understands the struggles of the rave life like Steve Aoki.

Steve’s been a longtime fan of skate and lifestyle brand SUPRA, and now he’s officially teamed up with the company to produce the Steve Aoki Skytop IVs.

The SUPRA Steve Aoki Skytop IVs come in a rugged black suede with gunmetal studs, and have a classic looking white sole to provide you with plenty of traction for everything you do, from landing a kickflip or swagging into the club.


When asked about the shoes, Steve said “Supra started an underground company with an authentic voice of just a few skaters but enough for it to cause a worldwide storm. It reminds me of the roots of Dim Mak and what we created in the last 20 years—a global community of artists supporting underground music pushing this culture forward.”


The Aoki Skytop IV will be available in very limited qualities starting November 1 9 . For more information, visit suprafootwear.com.