Coachella just wrapped up in Indio, and no matter what the lineup is like there’s two things guaranteed to be there every year: lots of dust, and some great outfits.

After scouring the internet, we found some of our favorite outfits from Coachella 2016. Some of these are downright sexy, some are laughable, and others have already inspired our next festival outfits.

Scroll down to see all of the pics, and see if you or someone you know got featured!

This girl and her inflatable flamingo BFF.

And this man and his inflatable palm tree companion.

This sheer situation.

Macklemore, is that you, bro?

And this giraffe-a-human.

This mani-corn.

And this man-cat hybrid.

These biz casual partygoers.

This neon vision.
And whatever's happening here, too.

These fairies.

For when your body exists in two different climates at the same time.

This Bernie bro.
This vision.
And these fans of fans.
A fish.
And this bra.
This man and his beautiful pineapple.