Imagine being able to make every chair you sit in a massage chair. Your daily commute or long flight could be a shit ton more comfortable, and you could even bring the stress at work down a good few notches. Well soon this could all be possible with the help of Aira, a new massage system that is built into an everyday hoodie.

Where regular massages and purpose-built chairs can be expensive, the Aira device built by the Singapore company TWare, this funky device promises to be “less than half the price of a smart phone”. That’s a small price to pay for comfort and relaxation anywhere! The jacket uses pressure to relieve tension, and the entire system is controlled by your smartphone. We wonder how long the battery would last, because if we had one of these we don’t think we would ever turn it off!

massage-hoodieThe Aira in action. Chilling.

“It’s 2 in the afternoon and you’re struggling to stay awake,” explains TWare’s Product Manager Tan Jun Yuan. “Your manager almost caught you for sleeping. Coffee isn’t working and you need something to pull you through the day. What else can revitalize you, rejuvenate you? Well, we have Aira.”


There’s no official release date yet, but you can check our Aira on their website. Hopefully it’ll be here before the holiday season, because we know how stressful that shit can get.

[via Gizmodo]