The AOKI FOUNDATION has a primary goal of supporting organizations in the brain science and research areas with a specific focus on regenerative medicine and brain preservation. Our vision is to one day see a world where degenerative brain diseases do not exist and science and technology play a direct role in extending the healthy lives of ourselves and our loved ones. The Foundation also supports humanitarian causes dear and near to Steve Aoki such as disaster relief, developmental disabilities, and animal-rights.

Where would we be without our brain? #SaveTheBrain apparel supports research for regenerative medicine and brain preservation
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His past philanthropic efforts have earned him accolades within the music and nonprofit communities including being a 2015 honoree of Music for Relief, the nonprofit humanitarian aid organization founded by Linkin Park, as well as being honored by MTV Latin America with its Chiuka Award, which recognizes celebrities who use their influence to contribute and develop special projects that bring about social change in the world.

Steve believes strongly that greater research in brain science can lead to healthier and longer lives. He supports various organizations in the neuroscience field, specifically focused on doing research on regenerative medicine, brain health and preservation. He hopes to use his global influence to raise money for organizations conducting research in important brain health areas. Through the AOKI FOUNDATION, he will take issues into his own hands by directly supporting those affecting change when needs arise, in addition to hosting fundraising events and campaigns for specific charitable organizations throughout the year. The human brain is the most complicated biological structure in the known universe. We’ve only just scratched the surface in understanding how it works and more importantly how it doesn’t work when disorders and disease happen.

About Steve Aoki
Label owner. DJ. Producer. Fashion executive. Philanthropist. Steve Aoki is a man with many talents and interests and one who makes an impact through all of his endeavors. He has always made it a point to take a proactive stance when it comes to social and humanitarian issues. Aoki has recognized the need for immediate humanitarian relief and essential medical research to help with crises and newfound heath issues that arise every year around the world.
Cleveland Clinc’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health/Keep Memory Alive Research Foundation Buck Institute on Aging for Relief Buddies


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Throughout the year, Steve will be leading various fundraising campaigns to help support the AOKI FOUNDATION Community partners. Check back for more information.