As Halloween has become more and more about wearing as little clothing as legally possible and trying rage into the ground, you forget that it’s a holiday routed in fear and horror. And scaring the shit out of people is one of its time honored traditions. You don’t really have a choice in the matter, people are going to scare you even if you don’t want it.

To help you survive Halloween this year, we found 13 of the best GIFs of getting the shit scared out of them. Take note when watching these: you’re not safe anywhere! Keep an eye out wherever you go, and trust nobody!

Halloween gif 5

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.
Halloween Gif 7

When your plan backfires and you get knocked out cold.Halloween Gif 8

Hahaha I got her! Aaaaand…she broke her nose. Halloween Gif 9

When the headless horseman has allergies.
Halloween Gif 10

This is a totally acceptable reaction man, don’t worry about.Halloween Gif 11

Warning: this trick doesn’t work with cats. Halloween Gif 12

Hook, line, and sinker! (p.s. Sorry bae, I love you…)Halloween Gif 13

Why does this chair feel so warm?Halloween Gif 14

The dude said the engine was making funny noises.
Halloween Gif 15

The good old bait and switch!Halloween Gif 17

When that video came out you we still had dial up internet. Halloween Gif 20

Kids today watch too much Walking Dead!

Halloween Gif 16

The floor is lava!