GIFs are amazing. Along with the emojis they have become the way that our generation expresses emotions and reactions on the internet. The tiny little looping videos can be posted and downloaded all over the world due to their small size, and automatic playing means that the video goes on and on and on and on. Did you know you can even use GIFs in iMessages? And that GIFs have actually been around since 1987?

Out of all the GIFs we come across, our favorites are perfectly looped GIFs. When we first saw these looped GIFs, we were tripping out. We thought we could catch the end of some of these, but they go on for-ev-er! Enjoy our trippy gallery below!

tumblr_nqid51cjdy1r09c0uo1_500 syTzHlH rVofw5w jckdsuF it6yvv1 anigif_enhanced-buzz-31470-1390413216-0 anigif_enhanced-buzz-31591-1390415811-33 anigif_enhanced-buzz-31710-1390413192-15 anigif_enhanced-buzz-orig-31726-1390413285-33 Daniel-Bryan-Throwing-Chairs-Into-Ring anigif_enhanced-buzz-31449-1390413196-0 anigif_enhanced-buzz-31328-1390414772-11 anigif_enhanced-buzz-30423-1390413204-9 anigif_enhanced-buzz-14674-1383151956-4 anigif_enhanced-buzz-14660-1390413253-19 anigif_enhanced-buzz-11171-1390414625-5 anigif_enhanced-buzz-14577-1390413197-2

lego gif