So, maybe you just couldn’t wait for Friday to roll through and went out last night. Maybe you had a few drinks, but perhaps you cranked it way to hard. And now you’re lying there in bed hungover AF, feeling like you’re dying, and regretting all those Jager shots your friend pressured you into taking last night.

Being gravely hungover can be terrible, but they’re nothing that some food, coconut water, vitamins, and a midday nap won’t cure. While you’re waiting to feel better and trying to hold down your dinner from last night, here’s some relatable images to soothe that hungover feeling. We’ve been there too, we know you can get through it!

hungover 1 hungover 2 hungover 3 hungover 4 hungover 5 hungover 6 hungover 7 hungover 8 hungover 9 hungover 10 hungover 11 hungover 12 hungover 13 hungover 14 hungover 15 hungover 16 hungover 17 hungover 18 hungover 19 hungover 20 hungover 21

[Via Buzzfeed]