If you’re always opening Snapchat and checking out all the new filters, you should just give up now. These pets are way cuter than you on Snapchat, and at this rate we’re going to have to follow them with the hopes that someday we receive some adorable fuzzy snaps as cute as these ones are.

From truckers to anime faces to throwing up rainbows, these animals look great no matter what filter! Check out these adorable animal snaps below.

2. This little guy:

3. This rad dude:

This rad dude:

4. This dog who wears a lot of hats:

5. This little puff:

6. DUG!


Maddie Barklimore / Via buzzfeed.com

7. This nerd:

This nerd:

8. This little cutie:

This little cutie:

9. This sad sack:

This sad sack:

10. This bespectacled creature:

11. This woof:

This woof:

12. This very serious cat:

This very serious cat:

13. This beautiful young lady:

14. This little pom pom:

15. This hard-bitten police captain:

This hard-bitten police captain:

16. This sad baby:

This sad baby:

17. This wide-eyed beauty:

18. This redundant mess:

This redundant mess:

19. This little mouse:

This little mouse:

20. This pile of fur with so much hurt:

This pile of fur with so much hurt:

21. This skeptical friend:

This skeptical friend:

22. And this very, very beautiful little lady!