If you went to college or know somebody that did, chances are you know just how much student loans can screw you. School doesn’t really prepare you that well for the real world, and the government doesn’t care too much if you’re struggling to find a job after graduation. You still owe them money!

Student loan debt is growing to be a massive problem in the US, and education reform is a popular topic among the Democratic presidential candidates. Maybe soon our system will get a much needed kickstart, and student loan debt interest rates could be lowered, the rules about defaulting on student loans could change, and maybe a few people could even get pardoned of their debts.

Until that day, all we can really do is lay in the fetal position and try not to think about all the money that Uncle Sam gets to take out of our paycheck every month. These tweets below perfectly and hilariously describe the struggle of having student loans, check them out below and try not to cry and laugh at the same time!

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