Having a wi-fi name is like having a custom license plate: if you’re going to have it, it better be funny. Although we swear we’ve seen some of these networks before in real life (‘Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wifi’ has been done to death people) , they’re all still hilarious ideas of what to name your own local network.

Your neighbors and friends will see it, so you better make it good! The best ones are when two neighbors are clearly making fun of each other, but the best part is they both don’t know who the other person is.

Scroll down to see all of these hilarious Wi-fi names!

wifi 1 wifi 2 wifi 3 wifi 4 wifi 5 wifi 6 wifi 7 wifi 8 wifi 10 wifi 11 wifi 12 wifi 13 wifi 14 wifi 15 wifi 16 wifi 17 wifi 18 wifi 19 wifi 20 wifi 21 wifi 22 wifi 23 wifi 24 wifi 25 wifi 26 wifi 27 wifi 28

[Via Dorkly]