Remember that dream you had where you were in your underwear in front of the whole class? Right before that big presentation? Anxiety driven dreams can be a real horror, and some people are struck with dreams of terrifying slow-thawing turkeys before the Thanksgiving holiday. There’s a lot of cooking to do in a very short time, and when you throw a boisterous family in the mix you have a potential recipe for a disaster!

To help you avoid this and keep you prepared for the day, we’ve gathered up the best Thanksgiving infographics out there. They’ll teach you about table etiquette, the calorie count in your meal, everything you need to know about roasting a turkey, and how you can juggle staying in shape while entertaining guests and preparing dinner. Basically everything you need to emerge from the day a champion!

First, this Falls-y etiquette infographic will keep you from fumbling clumsily round the table on Thursdaythanksgiving info 1

With some awesome little facts and general serving suggestions this handy infographic from Smooth Fitness is a good all-rounder.

thanksgiving info 2 Thinking turkey has a tendency to be a little dry? Well this infographic has the answers to your brining needs! Bad luck if you’re reading this on Thursday though… [via She Knows]


The absolute, no-fail guide to doing a knock-out turkey this Thanksgiving [via USDA].

thanksgiving info 3


Where the previous infographic from the USDA was the no-fail turkey guide, this one is an intricate battle plan for emerging from Thanksgiving victorious! Thanksgiving info 4