We’ve all been there. Sitting in front of a computer, with the knowledge and art of all of humanity in front of us our screen. But we just wheel spin around on Facebook with a dead eye stare, randomly ‘liking’ things and trying not to stalk our ex. What, just us?!

When you’re this bored some of these websites could help you out. A few of them are unproductive time suckers, while others challenge your mind and try to teach you new things. Have fun clicking away and let us know how you like to waste time on the internet when you’re bored!

The Wiki GameScreenshot 2015-09-26 16.16.39

This website is kind of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where you have to find relationships between unlikely things through Wikipedia links. For example the one I got was linking Microsoft Outlook to Hippies, and the path might be something like Microsoft Outlook -> Software -> Apple -> Steve Jobs -> Counterculture Movement -> Hippies. It’s challenging for sure!


Geogessr puts you in the middle of nowhere on Google Maps, and makes you guess where you’re at. Some of you that have ended up in strange places after a fun night might be better at this game.


The Worst Things for Sale


Cash CannonThe Worst Things for Sale is exactly what it says, the finest crap that the internet has to offer. Inside you’ll find some useless, gross, and straight up weird products that will make you think who would ever buy this? Our favorite we found was The Cash Cannon, which is a machine designed to make it rain.

You Are Listening ToYou are listening to

This one really tripped us out. You Are Listening To allows you to play several different police scanner and airport control feeds over random Ambient music, and the result sounds amazing.




This website lets you play with alphabet fridge magnets with other people online! Why not strike up a cutesy conversation, spell out abstract obscenities or try to hook up on a new medium of social networking?


Virtual BubblewrapBubblewrap

It’s exactly what it sounds like.