Remember those stupid little gingerbread houses you made at school? The one you worked so hard on, only to bring home to mom and dad and be promptly scoffed down by the dog? Well we’ve got news for you. That gingerbread house you made was weak. Really weak.

Just like Christmas decorations, Americans like to go all out on gingerbread houses. Some of these creations take months to plan, weeks to build, and are made of insane amounts of cookies, sugar, and other ingredients. We only wonder what they do with these creations after Christmas…does the staff get to just go apeshit and break down the house while eating it? That would be pretty epic. But we’re thinking they go stale and get thrown in the trash in a fit of post-Xmas depression and food rage.

To get you in the holiday spirit, we found some insane gingerbread creations from all around the internet. Some of these you can go visit, but we have to warn you you’ll probably get kicked out if you try to eat them.

The White House Creation

gingerbread 1The talented/bored chefs at the White House are behind this crazy Gingerbread creation, which weighs 475 pounds. Executive pastry chef Susan Morrison began conceptualizing the house back in January, and the chocolate alone to make the house weighs 150 pounds. You’d think she’d have better stuff to do…

The Disney World Bake Shopgingerbread 2

Of course Disney World is going to go all fuggin out for the holidays. This life sized carousel took a ton of ingredients to create, including 96 pounds of honey, 10 pounds of spices, 100 pounds of powdered sugar, and 10 quarts of syrup.

This Chinese Cookie Castlegingerbread 3

A mall in the central Chinese city of Xi’an has made a 700 square foot house that is big enough for kids and even some little adults to play in. The house took 10 chefs 10 days to construct, and required 20,000 gingerbread cookies and a metric ton of frosting.

This Candy Mansion in SFgingerbread 4

The Fairmont Hotel in SF made this beautiful creation, which includes a working railroad track and stands 23 feet tall. It took over 1000 gingerbread bricks and a ton of frosting and candy to make, which is just crazy.

This Gingerbread House in Toronto gingerbread 5

This bready house is life-sized, coming in at nine feet tall. It took over 500 hours to make, and the windows are made of sugar!

This Oregon Gingerbread Village

gingerbread 6The guy behind this village has been making holiday creations for over 20 years, so there’s some serious experience on display here. Just look at the detail!

This Edible Town From New York

gingerbread 7This candy skyline has a ton of detail. So much that you need to really exprience this one in person to appreciate it! This world record holding GBread village contains more than 1.5 tons of food to create, and boasts over 1,100 structures over 500 square feet of space.

This Entire Dining Room in Arizona

gingerbread 8Guests at the Dove Mountain Ritz-Carlton in Tucson can make a reservation to dine inside this gingerbread house, and gingerbread will probably be on the menu also.