How can you make what is already an awesome extreme sport even more awesome and even more extreme? By throwing in some colorful smoke grenades of course!

These super dope skateboarders have attached colorful smoke grenades to the back of their boards and , and are cruising through the notoriously steep streets of San Francisco. The inclines in the NorCal city are unforgiving, so you really have to know how to slide and how to eat your shit safely if need be.

Watch below as these three friends cruise savagely through the streets, and even tear it up down the famous wiggly Lombard Street like it’s no big deal.

Check out the full video below!


Smoke Grenade Freebording in San FranciscoSmoke Grenade Freebording in San Francisco (by P.Walbeck)More details here :

Posted by Fubiz on Tuesday, 23 February 2016