Before memes reach you on Facebook, they start on Reddit. And one of the places where many of the internets best memes start is a subreddit called r/blackpeopletwitter, which for April Fools day has been switched to r/bikinibottomtwitter.

It all started because of the popularity of this Mr.Krabs meme, but r/bikinibottomtwitter has been cranking out some quality memes and we had to share our favorites with you.

Check out some of the best Spongebob memes below!

spongebob 1 spongebob 2 spongebob 3 spongebob 4 spongebob 5 spongebob 6 spongebob 7 spongebob 8 spongebob 9 spongebob 10 spongebob 11