Despite your political knowledge or how you feel about the dog race that is this election cycle, you’ll probably love these Bernie Sanders political memes.

The surge in Bernie’s popularity and his staggeringly dank personality and opinions have lead to the 74-year-old self-described ‘democratic socialist’ becoming an internet phenomenon with young voters. The Democratic primaries have seen establishment candidate Hillary Clinton gradually lose her lead to Bernie, and as more and more people find out about him the memes have gotten danker and danker.

Although they don’t really touch on any important subjects or policies, you can still learn a lot about your potential candidate by their opinions on say…lizards, or electronic music. Tons of musicians are feeling the Bern, and our commander in chief Steve Aoki even told TMZ that he would love to throw a rave for Bernie Sanders!

Most of these memes are fan made, and they’re purely for fun. Who knows? Hillary could actually know a lot about electronic music. But we seriously doubt that she would be able to tell her progressive house from her trance. Marco Rubio on the other hand...

Massive shout out goes to the eternally entertaining Facebook group Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash for providing many of the images and the inspiration. Only the dankest of the dank memes will do for Sen. Sanders.

bernie 1


bernie 2

via Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash


via Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash



via Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash


via Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Stash