The weekend hangover is a real thing whether you partied or not. Monday has a tendency to loom over your Sunday like a big black cloud in the distance, and even though it rains on you every single week it never gets any easier.

Today is one of those days for sure. Sometimes on these days, the best thing to do is to smother yourself in the happiest corner of the internet: the cute animals doing cute things section.

Cute animals doing cute things is a legitimate economy on the internet. What would be left of YouTube and online culture in general if we took off all of the cat videos?!

Our two favorite cute animal videos we found this week are below, and they’re gushing with furry cuteness. Have you ever seen hedgehogs sleeping in a muffin tin? Or goats jumping on a trampoline? Check out these adorable animal videos below, we promise you’ll feel better afterwards.

You’re welcome guys.