Going to any big festival and partying for a whole weekend can be hard on your body, but when you’re camping at the festival it’s another story. Getting all of your stuff in and out of the festival can leave you exhausted, and nobody looks refreshed and nice at the end of a camping festival.

To help you mentally and physically prepare yourself for any camping you may do this festival season we gathered some of the funniest GIFs from the interwebs that perfectly describe the struggle of camping at a music festival.

Check out the hilarious GIFs below!

Shopping For The Festival And Thinking About All The Stuff You Need

When You Overpack And Are Struggling Carrying Everything

camping shit

When You Realize You Forgot Stuff At Home

When It’s Freezing Cold But You Don’t Want To Leave The Stage

When Your Friend Says They’re “Good at Cooking”

Your Neighbors Keep It Lit All Night Long


When You Can Still Hear The Music In Your Tent

Doing Yoga When You’re Out Of Shape


When The Porta Potties Leave You Saying WTF

When The Sun Burns You To A Crisp

Setting Up Your Tent When You’re Already Turnt

And The Sun Waking You Up At An Unholy Hour