Going to your first electronic music show can be an exciting adventure. A scary, but exciting adventure. Will you be physically ready? Will you be able to handle the zealous, sweaty neon mob? Are your dance moves still as weak as they were in high school? Most importantly, are you going to know how to avoid sounding like a total n00b when talking to other ravers?

We love bullshitting with other people at events, it’s a great way to meet interesting people from all over the world. But let’s face it, if you’re talking to someone and you don’t know your dubstep from your drum n bass, or your bangers from your rollers (and who’s this girl Molly everyone’s looking for?) you might be left out of the #ravefam2015. 

Don’t worry n00bs, we gotchu. We headed on over to our good friends at Urban Dictionary to help you stop smelling like talcum powder on the dancefloor!

urban dict banger urban dict deep house  urban dict dubstep urban dict edm urban dict fist bump urban dict gloving urban dict ham   urban dict kandi urban dict light show urban dict plur bae urban dict plur urban dict plurnt urban dict rage urban dict ratchet urban dict rave urban dict shuffle urban dict squad urban dict steve aoki    urban dict turn up urban dict wub