Album covers like Dark Side Of The Moon and Nirvana are so great that they are known by everybody, solidifying their place in pop culture. Some other album covers are….not so well made.

Sometimes when we’re record shopping we see some terrible old album covers like these, and we just have to stop and laugh at the corny vintage photos and designs.

Check out these 25 totally cringe worthy album covers below!

1) This cover by The Faith Tones, which clearly shows an addiction to hairspray

This cover by The Faith Tones who got tricked by Jesus into getting these hairdont's.

2. This pic of The Handsome Beast’s lead singer that makes you question who the pig is

And this picture of The Handsome Beast's lead singer that you simply cannot unsee.

3. The cover featuring Rudy Ray Moore and his many Christmas presents

The cover featuring Rudy Ray Moore and his sexually liberated carolers.

4. Quim looking like a Borat/Weird Al hybrid

And Quim's nude accordion folk adventures on the sleeve of his debut LP.

5. This cover photo of Millie Jackson, who apparently needs to take off a shoe to poop

This cover photo of Millie Jackson, who apparently likes going to the toilet a little bit more than she should.

6. Pat Cooper really really likes pasta

Pat Cooper's delights that should definitely be kept private and not on the front of his second album.

7. Ken’s pre-Photoshop cover that looks like bad school photos

As well as Ken's pre-Photoshop montage cover that most likely nobody requested.

8. This one just got dark really quickly

This sad, yet disturbing, public farewell to Freddie's loved ones.

9. It’s usually not great news when you read “Touch” and “Minister” in the same sentence

And this overly enthusiastic photo of the touchy-feely The Ministers Quartet.

10. The Brothers Johnson setting their dick lasers to stun

This cover of an LP by The Brothers Johnson, featuring their magic lighters – IN SPACE.

11. Cody Matherson, who is just straight outta feelings

Cody Matherson who just came out to have a good time and he's honestly feeling so attacked right now.

12. This cover that shows Marcy and her puppet master are truly the stuff of nightmares

This vinyl sleeve that proves once and for all that Marcy and her puppet master both should definitely not be allowed near toddlers.

13. A forbidden love between two hollow minded puppets

This depiction of the forbidden romance between Erick and Beverly Massegee.

14. Perfect for those stuck in the friend zone with their “mate”

As well as this cover that teaches you how to bond with your "friends".

Go ahead, try it if you dare.

15. Does Liebe Mutter mean frog man?

This Mother's Day card from Heino.

16. I mean how could you say no to that hair/mustache combo?

And this moustache/wet hair combo that seemed like a good idea at the time, but Igor probably regrets it now.

17. This cover featuring Tino and his homemade short shorts

This cover featuring Tino, the '80s precursor of fuckboyism.

18. This cover that looks like the beginning of a very 70s looking orgy

And this very unnecessary naked group pic of the Orleans.

19. Who thought that yellow suits were a good idea?

This scene that includes enough reflective surfaces that Pete, Terry, Nick, and Jeff can admire their amazing outfits at all times.

20. This redheaded Abraham Lincoln doppelganger that wants to liberate some smooth beats

This redheaded Abraham Lincoln lookalike that apparently was supposed to sell millions of copies of the album.

21. I feel good! Because I paid $5 for this haircut

This cover in which Judy most likely is not feeling good and Ken has a serious hair situation.

22. This makes learning an instrument seem much more appealing

And this WTF '80s sexual fantasy Wasnatch had just a couple of years ago.

23. Nothing like biking into another dimension

This cover with a vortex of sweet rides.

24. We can only image what this record sounds like

This highly disturbing portrait of the Witty family that will haunt you forever if you buy the album.

25. And finally, Snoop Dogg’s alter ego, Swamp Dogg, casually riding a rat.

And finally, Snoop Dogg's alter ego, Swamp Dogg, casually riding a rat.