Street musicians, or buskers, are some of the most talented people out there. They are free to play (almost) wherever they want, whenever they want, and often draw huge crowds with a single instrument and mic. When most people think of a street musician, they think of acoustic instruments like guitars or drums, but busking isn’t limited to traditional instruments, and there are folk out there that are getting creative and making instruments out of everyday things.

We found some amazing street musicians that are performing something resembling electronic music, and if we saw them on the street we would for sure throw them a dollar or two and start a little bounce.

Remember, support street musicians! It’s free music on the street guys, cough up some change!

Robots Playing Daft Punk

Pipe Guy

Techno Pots n’ Pans (Pan Pot anyone?!)

Dubstep Beatbox

Didgeridoo Techno