Although clawing open the backs of many electronic devices and fiddling around with their silicon guts will result in you breaking the warranty, many people still choose to do so in the name of music.

Circuit bending has been a technique for years now, and it’s the process of modifying electronics randomly to change the sounds that they put out. While you may get shocked, sometimes you can get some really unique 8-bit sounds from your custom circuit bent instrument. Many people (including The Chemical Brothers and Bloc Party) have used circuit bent instruments, and they have helped contribute to the signature sound of both of those artists.

Unlike a guitar or piano, no two circuit bent instruments are alike. Circuit bent instruments often have knobs and switches frankensteining out of them in every direction, each of them controlling a certain circuit or feature for you to manipulate. Often times musical toys are used for circuit bending, making some of the modifications straight out of your childhood nightmares/acid flashbacks.

If you think you’re handy with a screwdriver and aren’t afraid of breaking the rules and your warranty, give circuit bending a try. For those aspiring producers out there, a unique instrument like these below could set you apart from everybody else. Or they could just scare everybody at your gigs with pitch bent demonic shrieks. Either way check out these sweet custom made electronic instruments below!

Yo Gabba Gabba Toy

Speak & Spell

Vtech Driver Panel

Dora The Explorer Backpack

Furby (Warning…creepy!)

Kids Keyboard