Originating in Melbourne, Australia in the late 80s, the flailing and sliding dance sensation known as ‘shuffling’ has become a global dancefloor phenomenon in the hardstyle and future house communities. Merging frayed bits of moonwalking with some Running Man shapes and some heel-toe savv, the earnest shufflers have been clearing spaces on dancefloors for the the last twenty sum years.

There are a shit ton of pretenders and lousy dust kickers around, but we’ve gathered together some of the flyest shuffling videos online to show you how its really done. Note the prominence of the LA Gear-esque future shoes, an essential tool of the contemporary shuffle merchant.


Hot damn she’s on fire!Credit: Kristen Renee

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@ecruz_n dancing in the dark! click the link in our bio to check out LED shoes!

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Guys can shuffle too!Guys can shuffle too! :DCredit: @anderson_jovani @guerrerojah

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Just one more hour until Major Lazer premieres our new collab #TheSound on Beats1!!Shout out to @tranceprncess for throwing down to it!** OUT NOW http://bit.ly/AETheSound

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#CountOnYou is finally here! Full stream up on my Soundcloud! >> http://bit.ly/AutoCOYShuffle by @tranceprncess

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Fun fun fun Track ID: Loud Luxury- Old Man Pink Joggers from @agaci_store #shuffling #shuffle #shuffler #girlsthatshuffle

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vibe out with your shuffle buddy, even if they’re furry

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