Even the most veteran ravers were n00bs at some point. Once you’ve been to enough events, you look back on old raves with a sense of nostalgia. Do you remember your first rave? We do….kind of. Remember the first time you and your crew truly wrecked it all night, or the first time you saw someone getting a light show? Maybe you remember the first time somebody offered you vapor rub (ahhhhh) or your first ever rave massage (our favorite).

There’s small moments that we have all experienced while at a show or festival, and we put together a list of great gifs that had us laughing and wishing we were on the dance floor right now. Look at our rave GIFs below and try not to laugh!

ackward dancingWhen you’re all out of moves and you jack someone else’s on the fly.

bart shuffle

Your first successful shuffle!


Leaving with clothes you didn’t come with


When you start thinking about the meaning of life!

snl edm

The first time you hear dubstep

skrillex hit head

When you have to haul ass to the med tent


When the excitement is just too much

rave sloth gif

When you truly find your spirit animal


When you finally “get” trance

help the dj

Inventing new dance moves on the fly

drop the bass

When all you want is the drop

help the dj 2

Invisible knobs are the new air guitar

dancing robots

When you and the squad all dance together

bo check

Checking your B.O. super fly…

dillon francis ham

When the DJ makes you laugh

Getting munchies after the show (click to play)

When you forget your gloves but still have mad finger skills (click to play)