If you were lucky enough to be at either TomorrowLand in Belgium or the LAoki show in downtown Los Angeles, then guess what: you’re a part of the new Steve Aoki music video!

The new video for ‘Heaven On Earth’ ft. Sherry St. Germain is made entirely out of shots from both Tomorrowland and this past summer’s LAoki show in DTLA. If you look close enough you might spot yourself and the homies! Both of the events drew thousands of people, which helps make this larger than life track come to life with these shots of thousands of ravers. 

LAoki was a free event held in Los Angeles this past summer, and to get in all you had to do was sign up for the Major’s Volunteer Corps. The event shut down city streets, something usually reserved for when the President comes to town. Of the event, Steve said “I wanted to do something iconic that gave back to the community.”Also a big props to LA mayor Eric Garcetti for helping to make this dream a reality!

Steve famously premiered his new track “Titanic” back at TomorrowLand in Belgium, and it went down just as well at every other venue he played it at. Steve even met up with ‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer Celine Dion in Las Vegas and showed her the EDM fans’ love for her lurve anthem! As old as the song it now people still know and love it globally, and we all close our eyes and think of little Leo when we think about Titanic.

Check out the massive music video below, and if you see yourself or your friends make sure to let them know! Stay up to date by subscribing to Steve’s YouTube channel for the latest music and videos. You can also stream Neon Future Odyssey on Steve’s Spotify account.