The final chapter of the 4oki series is here & I share with you the last single called “Kids” a song I did with Morten. We set to make this song something that the kids, the crowd can relate to at our shows because when the drums kick in we all wanna get some of that energy. And we also welcome the star of the 4 part music video storyline the guy’s name played by Shaun Ross who has been pulling us into this non linear world. Thank you for participating in the 4oki world. Hope you bang it out in this last musical piece of the series.

4oki is 4 parts emotions energy relationships & storyline. It’s a non linear world where 4 characters intersect at a single place where anything goes. The musical side of the series started with ILYSM that really sets the tone of the entire project. Moody and sexy and provocative. Dope Girlz adds to that and brings in a high energy groove. Bring the Funk back does just that and layers some funky drums under vibey stabs. Last but not least Kids brings out the bass house banger to finalize the musical component. The 4 chapter music video is a big part of the visual side of the series introducing these 4 main characters and how they intersect and make up what is 4oki. I want to thank all my musical partners Autoerotique, Shaun Frank, Reid Stefan, MORTEN & all the main stars Shaun Ross, Brian Smith, Bejean Horowitz, and Madeleyn. Without all of them this couldn’t have happened. We are #4oki.

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