“Drone” is a pretty scary word. For some people it makes them think of the large remote controlled military planes that are used to carry out airstrikes and spy missions. But for many of us, drones are those stupid little buzzing machines that are obnoxiously cutting around the sky, fucking with people and spying on folks.

With so many drones being sold to amateur pilots, there has been tons of great videos of people crashing their precious toys. The little heli-dicks range from about $40 to thousands of dollars, so some of these videos show crashes that are about as expensive as totaling your car. As it turns out animals hate drones about as much as people do, and their revenge shows that man and animal aren’t too different after all.

We scoured the internet for the best drone crashes, and put together a hilarious video list here. Some of these crashes can only be blamed on pure stupidity, while other drones seem to be hit out of nowhere and fall from the sky in a dramatic way. Thank god for cameras on drones, or we would never be able to see the small minds using this big technology.

Chimp Destroys Drone With Stick

You can’t say apes aren’t smart after watching this. Not only was the chimp smart enough to have a stick ready for when the drone flew by, but using a stick as a tool requires some Darwinist intelligence! We applaud you, brave chimp.

Drone hits Groom in Head

Wedding photographers, along with sushi and condoms, are one of those things you don’t want to cheap out on. Sometimes you just have to learn your lesson the hard way.

My First Day With My Drone

We couldn’t have come up with a better title ourselves. Luckily this person saves their drone at the last minute by jumping into the water, managing to capture the whole thing on camera for all the internet to see.

Epic Drone Save

Not all crashes end badly. Just like the video before this, the owner makes a mad dash in order to save their drone from certain death. Maybe if you’re a n00b drone pilot you shouldn’t fly near water. Just a thought.

Hawk Attacks Quadcopter

You don’t want to screw around with an animal that has razor sharp talons. This drone pilot didn’t know he was in the hawk’s territory until it was too late, and the bird came at it with all it had.

Skate Video Fail

This video would have been pretty awesome if it wasn’t for the crash! How many people can do a flip off their board out of a bowl like that?!? This is a bad combination of pro skater, and amateur drone pilot.

Drone Crashes Into Yoga Couple

Namaste, bitches. There’s no better way to throw off your zen than taking a quadcopter to the head. Is there a move to relieve head trauma after a crash like this? Probably not.

Kangaroo Punches Drone Out of Sky

Don’t screw with mommas joey, or you’ll get an old fashioned outback asskicking. Maybe next time go and film the sleepy koalas instead.

Angry Ram Takes Down Drone

What is up with people teasing animals with drones? This guy got incredibly close to the ram, so he got what he deserved. The best part is when he goes to fetch his drone and the ram keeps chasing him.

Drones Sacrificed to the Gods

We saved the best for last. Although you never get to directly see the drones fall to their fiery hellish death, you can imagine how sweet a drone falling into molten lava would be. The volcano has radiant heat of about 1000 degrees fahrenheit, and the hot unstable air is hard to fly anything in. Thank you drones, for sacrificing yourselves in the name of science and humor.