We can’t really stop the juggernaut of technological development coming towards us. And it’s probably at its most terrifying when we’re thinking about robots and AI. While we’re all in agreement (sort of) that that ultra smart robots will probably be the death of human race, or at very best enslave us and put us in zoos, scientists keep pushing to make artificial intelligence a thing. Just thinking about it is keeping us awake at night!

Although we never got the future that Back to the Future and The Jetsons promised, there’s a lot of robotic technology that will have you feeling like that future isn’t too far off, even if the only robot in your life right now is your Roomba. And with robots playing the villain role in many films (Terminator, Transformers, Blade Runner anyone?) it’s not too hard to shit yourself thinking of our future robot overlords.

We found some of the scariest instances of robot intelligence. Smell our list below and try to not think about these when you’re in bed tonight.

Robot says he will put humans in “people zoos.” Although the dye job on his beard is creepier.

Bat robot can fly and walk (there’s no escape!)

Robot carries 100 times it’s body weight (do you even lift bro?)

Chatbots talk to each other and this happens (caution: creepiness ensues)

This scary dog robot (spay and neuter your robots)

More scary dog robots (I thought we told you to spay and neuter them!) 

It’s a spider robot FUCKING SQUISH IT!

Robot learns to work after being damaged (my life story)   Robots use a fucking samurai sword!

Next will be people most likely. We shouldn&#039;t be teaching robots these things…sauce: <a class=”youtube-link” href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3XyDLbaUmU”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3XyDLbaUmU</a>

Jugging with a human (juggling humans in the future)

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Steven Hawking says Artificial intelligence could be a “real danger in the not too distant future”.


If you really want to learn more about robotics and artificial intelligence, check out this TED talk on AI.