3D printers have been in the news a lot since they became a lot cheaper and available to the likes of us! People have been 3D printing guns, clothes, and even cars, but some genius finally listened to what the world wants and created a machine that uses 3D printing technology to create some sweet ass pancakes.


PancakeBot is the creation of Miguel Valenzuela (aka World’s Raddest Dad), who says “PancakeBot is technology that inspires you to create, inspires you to create, and inspires you to play with your food”.

On top of being simple enough for a child to use, PancakeBot also prints in a unique way. The lines you draw first are the ones that are printed first, which makes them darker than the rest of the batter. This means you can use dark and light patterns of batter to make faces, designs, shapes and more. 3D printing pancakes is also probably the cheapest way to get into this new technology, and who doesn’t like edible art?

PancakeBot has raised over nine times the amount of its fundraising goal on Kickstarter, so expect to see massive stacks of branded Denny’s pancakes towering in front of you soon!

Check out a video of PancakeBot in action below.