After one year of having 360 videos on their site, Youtube announced the next big step in their live streaming platform this week.

Youtube will now live stream videos in 360 with special “spatial audio” that allows the sound to seem live by giving it depth and direction. Youtube’s chief product officer,Β Neal Mohan said that the 360 streaming will “Open up the world’s experiences to everyone.Β Students can now experience news events in the classroom as they unfold. Travelers can experience faraway sites and explorers can deep-sea dive, all without the physical constraints of the real world.”

One of the first performances to be streamed in 360 will be weekend two of Coachella, where only some acts will be shown in 360 while others are stuck with two dimensional video. We can’t wait to see what this technology offers in the coming months, imagine how cool it would be to go to every festival you want from the comfort of your couch!

[Via Mashable]